Thursday, November 8

Too Early?

It's not to early, right???   To talk about Christmas???
I   L O V E   Christmas !  I always have and I always will !

Sitting by the fire, listening to Christmas music softly playing, with the lights on the Christmas tree sending out a twinkling aura of magic, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

But since it is still November, I made this country farm sign as a sort of Thanksgiving to Christmas bridge. It is Over the River and Through the Woods (to Grandmother's house we go for Thanksgiving Day).

I'm the annoying one that listens to and sings Christmas music all year long.  I like to imagine living in the story of the Christmas songs.  Who wouldn't want to go on a sleigh ride to Farmer Gray's house for some popping chestnuts and pumpkin pie!

So that explains why I did this country farm sign with Farmer Gray's house and more sleighs.  I'm in the sleigh behind those front three sleighs!
I hope you enjoy this wonderful Holiday time of year.

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Sunday, November 4

The Month of Thankfulness

It is a wonderful time of year.  A time when the trees change their outfit to beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red. 
It is a time when the busyness of a hectic summer calms down and with our yards tucked in for winter we can take a deep breath and let it out.
November is warm Autumn soups and jacket/sweater weather.  It's apple pie and digging the hot cocoa out of the cupboard.
But most of all, it is the time to reflect on our abundant blessings.  We have much to be thankful for.

And when we are thankful, according to this verse, we are blessed even more abundantly.  What a great win/win!

The most interesting part of this verse to me is the "all things" part.  There are some things I'm not too grateful for.  Like when I walked into a swarm of bees a couple of weeks ago!  That was kind of traumatizing!  But as I look back on it, I am soooo grateful it was me and not my husband who was nearby.  He is allergic to bees and if it had been him, it would have been a life and death situation.
So there are ways to look at life and receiveth all things with thankfulness (I think).

Wishing you a pumpkin pie, hot apple cider, chili and cornbread month! Also, full of all the things you are thankful for :)

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Wednesday, February 1

A half what??? A half double crochet!

Hopefully you are having loads of fun learning how to crochet. Crocheting is much easier (I think) than knitting and is so versatile. 

And, hopefully you are ready for the next crochet stitch. 
Today's video demonstrates the Half Double Crochet stitch.  This is a great stitch.  I like it for projects that do better with a dense stitch. It is not a airy, lacy stitch.  This stitch will keep you warm in the winter!

Enough with the crocheting fluff.  Let's get to the crocheting action:

I don't know about you, but it seems like this is the best time to learn how to crochet.  You will have plenty of time to practice the stitches and be ready to crochet many wonderful projects for this years holidays.

Wednesday, January 25

The Next Crochet Stitch!

Now, let's get into some serious crocheting!

It's time to learn a fundamental crochet stitch.  It's called the "single crochet" stitch.
In the video below, you will be guided every inch of the way to becoming pro at crocheting the single crochet stitch.
Then, after you learn how to do single crochet stitches, you will be ready to crochet a darling hairband.  The video shows you step by step how to crochet the cute headband.

So, let's get started!

You are now well on your way to becoming a crocheting expert!!!  Keep on practicing!

In case you need any of the supplies in this video, here are some links for you  :)

Friday, January 20

The First Crochet Stitch!

Do you have a crochet hook?
Do you have some yarn?
Then you are ready to start crocheting!

Watch the Beginning Crochet video lesson below and learn how to do the beginning crochet slip knot and crochet chain stitch.

Practice your first crochet stitch and then practice some more.  The next lesson will be the single crochet stitch (in the next blog post).

If you want, at the end of the video, there is a friendship bracelet you can crochet.  If you would like the same type of 100% cotton yarn that I used in the video, here are some links for you:

Mostly have fun with this popular needlecraft :)

Thursday, January 19

Crochet anyone?

Start the year with a new (or renewed) hobby --
yay crochet!!!

I've been crocheting since I was around 10 years old and love it!
So in honor of this wonderful hobby/craft, I will be teaching several, (more like dozens), of crochet classes right here on the Mom of 5 Daughters Blog.
If you have never crocheted before, but want to learn, these crochet classes are perfect for you.  
We will be starting out with the most basic of basics in the world of crocheting.  You can do it, I promise!

The first crochet class (intro video) covers what you will need to get started.  It is kind of boring, but necessary.  Then, the next crochet class (that will be posted tomorrow) will be lots of fun.

Ready to begin?  Of course you are :)

If you don't want to leave your house to get the crocheting hooks and yarn you will need, here are some options:

I can hardly wait for the next class, I hope you are excited too!!!

Wanna learn something else? Just click.

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