Thursday, November 8

Too Early?

It's not to early, right???   To talk about Christmas???
I   L O V E   Christmas !  I always have and I always will !

Sitting by the fire, listening to Christmas music softly playing, with the lights on the Christmas tree sending out a twinkling aura of magic, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

But since it is still November, I made this country farm sign as a sort of Thanksgiving to Christmas bridge. It is Over the River and Through the Woods (to Grandmother's house we go for Thanksgiving Day).

I'm the annoying one that listens to and sings Christmas music all year long.  I like to imagine living in the story of the Christmas songs.  Who wouldn't want to go on a sleigh ride to Farmer Gray's house for some popping chestnuts and pumpkin pie!

So that explains why I did this country farm sign with Farmer Gray's house and more sleighs.  I'm in the sleigh behind those front three sleighs!
I hope you enjoy this wonderful Holiday time of year.

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