Thursday, June 3

dreams, english tea parties, and making it real

Today I need to escape to my dream land . . . sigh . . . breathe in breathe out.  I'm going to my happy place, cuz sometimes this real life stuff is too much to bear.
My escape is dreaming about living a life like Elizabeth Bennet's from Pride and Prejudice.  My girls aren't little anymore, but we all still enjoy having old english style tea parties, and we will still be having tea parties when we are all old and gray. 
My dream is to own an old fashioned, romantic looking, cottage type home on a few acres (or at least one acre).  This dream property has a wonderful fruit orchard with cherry trees, peach trees, apple, pear, and plum trees.  Since this is a dream I'd also like pomegranite trees.  Do pomegranites grow on trees? Nectarine trees would be nice too.  I dream of a pretty herb garden and an awesome organic vegetable garden. This place has so many beautiful flowers and shrubberies (reminds me of Monty Python) and shade trees, it is like heaven. 
It is the perfect setting for an outdoor tea party.  To make tea time more realistic, me and my girls have lovely dresses like they wear in Pride and Prejudice.  We have parasols and little beaded purses and gloves (maybe a nix on the gloves, they make your hands clammy and clumsy, the gloves can be tucked into our little purses!).
They tea party food is the tastiest and prettiest quaint delicacies you've ever seen or tasted.
The weather is perfect and the birds are singing lovely songs. 

I actually escape to this dream place a lot.  So much so that I'm going to see what I can do to make it a reality. 
So far, I only have the gloves (I got the gloves on ebay), but it's a start.  I hope you will join me in this journey to make beautiful dreams a reality.  I took a huge step (huge for me anyway) toward this dream/reality goal last week when I started making me a dress-up gown.  It could turn out to be a huge disaster or it could turn out (miraculously) looking like a pretty dress in my imagination.

Here is the pattern I bought to turn into a dress.  Now you can really appreciate the miracle part of this equation!!!  I will keep you posted . . .


  1. This is a really neat idea! I am the eldest of 7 girls in my family and this is a great idea for a party for them! I love it!

    This is off subject but I have been watching some of your Youtube videos and was wondering if I could make some of the things that you have made and sell them for my adoption fund. My husband and I are hoping to start the adoption process in the next year or two. Our blog is Thanks!

  2. I'm glad you found the videos. You can certainly make and sell any of the items.
    Good luck with the possible upcoming adoption!


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