Wednesday, June 2

Glitter, Shimmering, Bling Toes!

Finally, I can get out my sandals and flip flops. It has begun to warm up (and it's only June!!! crazy weather!) That means it is time to spruce up my scary feet.

My toenails on my big toes are bruised so I desperately need to glamorize them.

Here are the supplies you'll need: glitter (I got 6 colors at Walmart for 3 bucks), a sheet of paper (for the glitter to fall on), a base coat polish (I use the same color as the glitter I'm going to use), and a top coat (clear) polish.

I paint the smaller toenails first with the base coat and then sprinkle glitter all over them (do it quickly, before the polish dries!).

Then I do the same with my big toenails (one at a time, paint, glitter, shake off excess glitter, paint, glitter, shake).

The picture to the left is without the clear topcoat.  The picture to the right is with the topcoat.
(make sure the base coat and glitter are dry . . .)

Clean up time.  Funnel the glitter from the paper back into the glitter container and then touch up your toes with some nail polish remover.

Before and AFTER!
Now I can face the summer! Oh, there are some more felt flowers on my flip flops! Adorable!  Click here to learn how to make the retro felt flowers

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  1. Ha ha! I love the before and after! Dazzling! I so need to do this!!


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