Tuesday, June 1

A Time to Remember

It's the day after Memorial day.  I went to my mom's house on Sunday and Monday and came home today.
Yesterday, the small town that my mom lives in held a special Memorial program at the cemetary as they do every year.  My mom, my brother and sister, and I went to the program and I was touched by the comments the soldier that spoke made. 
The comments led me to ponder on my own complacency as compared to the courage, the bravery, and the great sacrifices made by our military to help keep us free.  Wow, how much I take for granted. 
The next time I see anyone of our Armed Forces, I hope I take the initiative to go and tell them "thank you!"

Our liberties and freedoms are on shaky ground.  I want to learn more about TRUE history and our divine constitution.  I have read the "Five Thousand Year Leap" and it was a good summary, now I need to really dive in and learn about the constitution.  I don't remember learning about it in school, but then I don't remember much of anything I learned in school!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, safe, thought provoking Memorial Day weekend. 

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