Monday, June 28

To eat or not to eat white sugar

Last week I was helping myself to a nice sized bowl of ice cream before going to bed.  On Thursday night, along with the ice cream, I had a large piece of cake (okay, it was two pieces of cake), to go with it.  Again, I was eating this right before I went to bed.

Well, that night, I couldn't sleep and I just felt icky.  I didn't exactly feel sick, I just didn't feel very well.  I decided at that moment in the middle of the night to go on a white flour / white sugar (including high fructose corn syrup and other refined sweeteners) fast.  I've done fairly well, with just a few indulgences and guess what?!?  I already feel better and have more energy.  I haven't had that lethargic feeling like I usually have at different times of the day.  I hope I stick to it, it's so worth it and if I loose some weight at the same time, all the better!!!

Here's some profound info from Women Fitness . . .

An eye-opener:
Simple sugars and refined carbohydrates (white flour, noodles, processed, devitalized foods, etc.) require little metabolism and enter the bloodstream rapidly. This is the "lift" phase! But oh, the crash that follows!

Strike One! The pancreas, the organ that regulates how much insulin is released into the blood, is "caught off guard" by the sudden surge of sugar. Sensing that it has more work to do than it really does, it releases too much insulin. (Insulin processes starches and sugars to keep blood sugar at an even level.)

Strike Two! The result of all this chemical "warfare" is a dramatic drop in blood sugar (usually within the hour), and a resulting feeling of lethargy, mental confusion, weakness, and false feelings of "hunger!"

Strike Three! If it could be worse, this has got to be it: Sugar causes weight gain, not merely because of its caloric content, but because it actually alters the metabolism, as well! What does this mean? This means: If two groups of people are fed the exact same number of calories, but one group takes its calories in sugar and refined products, while the other group consumes the calories in the form of whole grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables, the sugar group will gain weight, while the other will not. This finding comes to us from studies published by the U.S. Department of Health.

For more info click on:   Women Fitness

I have discovered that finding replacements for the sugar is more difficult than finding replacements for the white flour.  I just replace the white flour with wheat flour, but the sugar, that is more difficult. 
I'm using more honey than ever before!
Any suggestions?  Especially ones that don't cost a fortune?


  1. In the South Beach diet, you don't eat any refined sugar at all. Grains, even whole grains, are cut down to a very small portion. Mostly you eat Veggies, and a little meat and a little fruit- even though Fruit isn't doesn't have white refined sugar, the sugar that's in it can still make you gain weight if you eat too much of it. :) I don't remember everything it says, I'll have to read up on it. But let me tell you it works! :)

  2. Hi,
    Thanx for the comment you posted in my blog. There's no secret to the play quilt really. I only added some borders around the middle square. But with all the activities you have been busy, I guess there's no time left for quilting, he he.
    On your white sugar post, I'm sure it's best to avoid it. I should do it too, but I find it so hard to give it up!!! sigh...

  3. Yes! Eat lots of veggies (dipped in white flour and white sugar jk).

  4. This is exactly what I have promised myself I would do for how long now??? Too many times to count. Thanks for giving me the courage and incentive to give it a try.

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  6. I know this comment is way late but I just found your blog after looking for crochet hats on Youtube. I hope that you have found a lot of answers since posting this 4 years ago. I went back and forth with white sugar and flour for years and about a year ago I started eating low carb. I love it and feel so free. I'm also looking into Paleo which is even healthier than low carb. I rarely eat any grains, usually just a little bit of rice when we go to an Indian Restaurant. Giving up wheat has been amazing for me. Good luck.


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