Tuesday, November 22

Finished Project for the Holidays

I have several projects that I have wanted to do before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Guess what!?!  I actually got one of them done.  I'm so glad I put the thought and plan into action and did it.  It would have been such an easy project to think about and never do.

This little table has been in my mother's shed for years.  It used to belong to her mother and I had a spot in my house that it would be perfect for, but it needed some work.
I had to sweep it, vacuum it, wash it, then sand it, and fill in holes and gaps.
Now it was ready for some change. I painted the legs black and stained the top with mahogany colored stain (I later found out the color I really wanted was cherry--the mahogany was darker than I had wanted, but it was too late and I didn't want to re-sand it).
Next came the first coat of polyurethane.  I did this in the house because it was cold outside.  Oh boy, it took a long time for the fumes to die down!
After sanding it with fine sand paper and putting on a 2nd coat of polyurethane, it was done -- yea!!!

I couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving to get out this fabric/stuffed manger scene.  The table is short, so the grandkids can reach and play with this manger scene just like my daughters did when they were little.

Oh btw,
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Hello. I have watched your crochet videos on youtube and found them very helpful. I am a just starting to crochet. I was looking at your cute blog and noticed the little baby doll crochet slippers you made for your granddaughters blessing. they are ADORABLE. Any chance you have the directions or perhaps a video I could follow to learn how to make them as well? My brother is blessing his sweet baby girl over christmas and I would love to make a pair for them as a gift. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your comment! There are lots of videos on www.youtube.com on how to crochet those booties. Just type "crochet mary jane baby booties" in the search bar. The trick is using a smaller size crochet hook, usually a size "D". I hope this helps.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Baby Blessing!!!

  3. Hi! I'm finally getting around to looking at blogs, and it's been a while since I looked at yours. I LOVE that table that you refinished! It looks GREAT!!! Good job!!! And, I love the fabric Nativity Set, too. It's the perfect way for little ones to enjoy Christmas!!! I have a wooden set that we made in YW a year ago, but of course, the kids all want to play with my porcelin set instead!!!


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