Wednesday, December 18

Christmas Tree Lanterns

I know . . . time is running short.  Here is a quick and easy craft to keep youngsters busy while you get your baking and wrapping done.  
Here is a link to the step-by-step You Tube video I made on how to fold the light lantern:

All they need is a piece of copy paper.  Really that is all.  Oh, maybe some scissors to cut the paper into a square.

Then they just follow the video (and they can start the video, pause it, stop it, watch it over and over, to follow each fold to make, then they blow some air into it to puff it up) and make the origami paper mini light bulb cover. 

If you have colored tree lights then the white paper takes on the color of the light bulb.  If your tree lights are all white, you can use different colors of copy paper to make the lanterns a variety of colors. 

In the above picture the red and blue lanterns are made of white paper.  The yellow lantern was made with pastel yellow copy paper.
Or just use white paper on white lights to diffuse the light and make a beautiful larger soft light.

It's really amazing to see how this little paper lantern can transform a mini light!  You just slip the lantern over the light bulb --- it's so easy and the effect is amazing!!!

Disclaimer:  Use at your own disgression.  Do not cover any lights that produce any heat.  You are responsible for your safety in using these lanterns on safe lights. 

These origami lanterns are also used as water balloons.  So once the kiddies learn how to fold the lantern, then they can fold them for water balloons in the summertime!  Cool, huh!!!

Tuesday, December 10

Sheep Decoration/ Ornament

Merry Christmas! 
This is my favorite time of year.  It's also so busy, cold, and stressful.  So here is a fun and quick (yet adorable) Christmas decoration or Christmas tree ornament to make.

You will need some sheepy like material (an 8" by 8" piece), strong thread and needle, brown felt,  glue ( I use a glue gun ), and some kind of stuffing (either batting or cotton balls), and either 2 beads or felt for the eyes. 

 I like this decoration/ ornament because it symbolizes part of the Christ story of Christmas instead of all the Santa stuff.  It's good to have balance, right?

Here's a helpful howto link to a You Tube video I did showing how to put the sheep together:

My wish to you this Holiday Season is time to enjoy.  Enjoy the magic of Christmas in music, decorations, yummy food, family, friends, and worship.

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