Friday, February 3

The Leaf and LUGGS!

I have had some requests for a pattern for the crocheted leaf shown in blog entry:
 How to crochet a flower

I found the leaf in a library crochet book in a city I no longer live in, so I resisted putting in the time to create my own leaf pattern, but after the requests I couldn't resist anymore and here is what I came up with:
 Chain 10 (I used a size "H" hook), then work 2 half double crochets (hdc's) in the 3rd chain from hook, then work another hdc in the next chain.

 In the next 3 chain stitches work a double crochet (dc), then a hdc in the next chain stitch. Work a single crochet (sc) in the next chain stitch.

 In the last chain work 3 sc's.  Now working the backside of the chain stitches, work one sc in the next stitch (or other side of the chain stitch -- middle photo), and a hdc in the next stitch, and a dc in each of the next 3 stitches.

Next work a hdc in the next stitch and then work 2 hdc's in the same chain that you worked the very first 2 hdc's in.

Pull yarn through last loop on your hook and pull tight to finish it off!  All done and ready to attach to a flower or anything else that needs a leaf.

Now you may be asking what are LUGGS . . .
They are a project I've been working on for months and months.  I'm so happy and pleased to have this creation finished.  The popular UGG boots inspired this project.  The "L" in LUGGS stands for "lazy" because after marching around in the snow in your UGGS you just want to come inside and relax and laze around in your LUGGS!  A cozy, snUGGly boot slipper that looks good on and feels good on with it's double comfy soul.  Here's a pic of them:
Aw, aren't they cute!!!

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