Tuesday, April 30


I don't like waste.  Sometimes I ponder really deep subjects, such as, "What can I do with this empty milk carton or empty egg carton, instead of just throwing it away?"
Or, "What can I do with empty toilet paper tubes?"
Well, you will be so happy to know that my intensive thinking and profound brain has come up with a use for a empty toilet paper tubes --- yea!!!

Seriously, I think these little owls are so cute and I like that it has multiple uses.  The owls can be used as graduation decorations and/or table favors, and as the graduation gift itself. 
How to make a Graduation Owl

As a gift, the top of the owl opens up so you can hide a note, letter, money, candy, or smaller gift inside the owl.  A fun surprise for the grad!
How to make an graduation owl

The following video shows how to make the graduation owl .  .  .

As graduation day approaches have fun getting ready for your graduate's special day :)
how to make a graduation owl

Congrats and Happy Graduation!!!!!!

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