Wednesday, April 25

Birthday Gift for my Granddaughter!

My adorable red headed granddaughter turned 1 this springtime month of April.
Here are some photos of the present I made for her:

I made all of the headbands or hairbands to have interchangeable flowers, which makes it fun.

I really like how the pink flower turned out.  But when I took it off and put the gray flower on the white headband, I liked it too.  She has a cute pink, gray, and white jacket that this headband with the interchangeable flowers will look great with.

The yellow and green headbands have three spots to attach the flowers to:

The green headband and flowers were made with regular Red Heart yarn.  The other 2 hairbands and flowers were made with Caron Simply Soft yarn (I like this yarn!).

Happy Birthday baby girl!

She LOVES birthday cake!!!

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