Saturday, March 14

Spring! Spring! Spring!


The time for new things. . .

I'm beginning to wonder if I might have Attention Deficit Disorder.  I go from one project to the next and always seem to be trying something new.  And with Springtime here there are SOOOO many projects I want to start -- it's ridiculous!  I will tell you one thing, Pinterest is certainly not helping this disorder!!!!!

This week I've been playing with Play Doh and making Easter related things . . .

 Play Doh Easter eggs

 Easter Bunny from Play Doh

Just click on the pics for the YouTube "how to" videos :)

Another project I've been working on over the last few weeks is a new YouTube channel.

 Creation Station Videos

It's called Creation Station and has lots of super fun videos for kids -- they love them!

Kids have fun creating, using their imagination, and learning all at the same time. 

Here are some of the exciting new videos for kids (just click on the picture to view it):

 Triceratops for Imaginext Batman

Play Doh Brontosaurus for Imaginext Robin

 Lalaloopsy's giant Play Doh Tennis Shoes

 Shopkins and Palace Pets ride on Play Doh Snails

 Disney Princess Elsa and Anna make Play Doh Olaf

It's so great for kids to discover the excitement of making things and then incorporating their creations into imaginative play with their toys.

You can click on any picture for your child to see the video, from there you can click on Creation Station or just click on Subscribe for your kids to see all the very latest Creation Station videos!!!

Happy Happy Happy

Wanna learn something else? Just click.

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