Thursday, October 7

Life is sooo good!

This is what we had for dinner last night.  We call it a German pancake, but I don't think it is acually German (kind of like French fries).
I wanted to post it because it is easy and very inexpensive to make, and feeds 5-7 people (plus kids love it, my youngest daughter wanted this for her birthday dinner).

In a mixing bowl whisk up 9-12 eggs (depending on size), add 2 c flour and 2 c milk and 1 tsp vanilla and whisk some more.
In a 9"x13" pan (in the photo, I used a 10"x15" pan), butter generously (use a couple of tablespoons of butter or margarine.  Pour egg mixture into pan and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
Serve with pancake syrup and jam.  YUM! 

This is the project I have been working on lately.  It's called Swedish weave and this will someday be a cute blanket/throw.  For now its a "work in progress".

I am reading a great book called The Dynamics Laws of Prosperity, by Catherine Ponder.  I want to share tidbits of the book in my posts (especially for my wealth building buddies!).  Here goes:
"I learned about the power of thought as an instrument for success or failure.  I came to realize that failure is basically the result of failure thinking.  I learned that the right use of my mind could become the key to healthy, happy, prosperous, successful living. . . . The word 'prosper' means 'to flourish, succeed, thrive, to experience favorable results.'  You are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, and plenty in your world."

So, let's change any failure thinking to prosperous thinking, starting right now!  We can do it!

Friday, October 1

Miscellaneous stuff

Life is constantly changing, but amid the changes and "busy" ness -- not to be confused with business, I did get the pink trim on one slipper done. I started in the back or the heel area and single crocheted all the way around until I was where I had started. Then I tied a knot with the beginning end and the ending end of yarn.

I haven't sewn on a button yet. I bought some pink buttons, but I think I'm going to get some different -- more colorful -- buttons to use.  Now I just need to make the other slipper to go with this one!!!!

On to a different subject --
Here are pictures of cookies we made (they were time consuming, but fun):
 We made little tiny tea party cookies . . .
 and some little leaf and apple cookies . . .
 and some flower cookies!

Here is something for the Wealth Building Buddies of WUN:
This quote is from Brandon B.

"I've used several different tracking systems over the past decade. I'm 1 out of 100 that went in every day and put in the information about my day's expenses.Since I started using currentsee™ to track my finances, I have cut my expenses down by over $400.00 per month. This is the ONLY system in the world that automates everything for you. I spend with my currentsee™ Mastercard™ all day, then login to my currentsee™ Dashboard the next morning to see that all of the expenses have automaticallly been categorized, my pie graphs and charts have automatically been updated and I know at a glance how much is left in each of my budget categories. I just spent the money. It categorized everything for me. Amazing!

On top of that, using the currentsee™ Rewards for just my grocery coupons, I am saving over $120.00 per month buying things I already buy and things I already love. I'm a single dad with two kids that don't even live with me all of the time and STILL I save $120.00!

That's $520.00 net gain to my bottom line on just two aspects of wakeupnow™.

Is the $87.13 per month really worth it? Ha!"

Have a super duper weekend.  For me and my family it is General Conference weekend.  We have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time.

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