Thursday, October 25

Decorating with paper flowers!!!

Origami anyone?  Actually, I don't think this counts as origami, but these party flowers are a blast to make!

All you need is paper, scissors, and tape. A stapler is optional (I used a stapler), you can use tape in place of the stapler.

Here are 2 videos to show you how to make the paper flowers:

You can use any kind of paper, but my experience has been that the thicker the paper, the harder it is to fold.  You can use regular copy/printer paper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, a paper sack, etc.  I even used aluminum foil (not so easy to work with), vellum, and tissue paper!

When using an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, your flower will measure 8" across, and will be about the size of the poinsettia on the left side of the key board.  If you paper that is 4" wide it will look like the one on the right side of the keyboard.  Both sizes would be fun hanging on a Christmas tree!

The really great thing about these flowers is the "no cost" aspect and also you can make them for any occasion and just use a paper to fit it :)

Tuesday, October 9


This is a fun, spidery, Halloween craft to make,
either by yourself or with the kids. 
The materials you need are:
    black colored paper
    googly eyes or a pen that will
         show on black paper

All you have to do is fold the black paper like an accordian, then staple it in the middle. 
Now make cuts similar to how you would cut a snowflake.  Unfold and glue or draw on spider eyes.

I put 4 eyes on my spiders, but I've heard they actually have 8 eyes!  Two eyes would also look quite attractive!

If you want step-by-step instructions you can watch the video I did.

I really don't like spiders, but big paper ones are okay :)

Wanna learn something else? Just click.

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