Monday, June 11

Hi there again!
Just wanted to share with you these awesome girls who make some AMAZING workouts! You can find tons of their workouts for free on Youtube, but this one has a link below if you go to the site, where you can print it out if you want! :) Happy exercising!

ToNe It uP!
Hi there!
I'm Kristen, the fifth daughter :) . This summer, I will be posting quite a bit on my mom's blog, so I hope ya'll don't mind!  To start out I want to introduce you to the diet/workout plan I have. I want to drop a few for the summer and be nice and trim for the next school year. If you guys want to join me it would be great! I'll be posting lots of online workouts as I do them and maybe some new calorie-cutting recipes and nutrition packed dishes as I come across them!


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