Friday, October 1

Miscellaneous stuff

Life is constantly changing, but amid the changes and "busy" ness -- not to be confused with business, I did get the pink trim on one slipper done. I started in the back or the heel area and single crocheted all the way around until I was where I had started. Then I tied a knot with the beginning end and the ending end of yarn.

I haven't sewn on a button yet. I bought some pink buttons, but I think I'm going to get some different -- more colorful -- buttons to use.  Now I just need to make the other slipper to go with this one!!!!

On to a different subject --
Here are pictures of cookies we made (they were time consuming, but fun):
 We made little tiny tea party cookies . . .
 and some little leaf and apple cookies . . .
 and some flower cookies!

Here is something for the Wealth Building Buddies of WUN:
This quote is from Brandon B.

"I've used several different tracking systems over the past decade. I'm 1 out of 100 that went in every day and put in the information about my day's expenses.Since I started using currentsee™ to track my finances, I have cut my expenses down by over $400.00 per month. This is the ONLY system in the world that automates everything for you. I spend with my currentsee™ Mastercard™ all day, then login to my currentsee™ Dashboard the next morning to see that all of the expenses have automaticallly been categorized, my pie graphs and charts have automatically been updated and I know at a glance how much is left in each of my budget categories. I just spent the money. It categorized everything for me. Amazing!

On top of that, using the currentsee™ Rewards for just my grocery coupons, I am saving over $120.00 per month buying things I already buy and things I already love. I'm a single dad with two kids that don't even live with me all of the time and STILL I save $120.00!

That's $520.00 net gain to my bottom line on just two aspects of wakeupnow™.

Is the $87.13 per month really worth it? Ha!"

Have a super duper weekend.  For me and my family it is General Conference weekend.  We have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time.


  1. I just found your crocheted headbands on youtube!! I'm so excited. I learned how to make a cute hat and had to make a ton for christmas so I taught him how. He has made slippers, hats, new hats etc. I have only had time for hats and ties. But I need to master the ties. Thanks for the tutorial on the headbands! They are so cute!

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  3. Could you let me know the size crochet hook you used for the adult slipper and the type of wool you used please I would like to try these thanks.

  4. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for your comments. I used a size "G" hook and Red Heart medium-4 yarn. Have fun!

  5. You make the most adorable things. I found you on YouTube, you're so adorable I love listening to you.


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