Wednesday, September 22

More Crocheted Slipper

Let's see picking up from last week's crochet instructions . . .
Now you work 24 double crochets in the next 6-9 rows depending on the size/length of your foot.

Then choose which side you want for the inside of the slipper, and which side you want for the outside.  Turn inside out and fold the heel of the slipper in half and slip stitch the back together. Tie a good knot at the bottom and crochet yarn ends into the slipper.

Next, single crochet around the top edges and strap of the slipper to tidy up the edges. 

 I started this single crochet at the back of the slipper, then I went all around and tied it off in a tight knot.  Weave in the yarn ends.
Voila, almost done.  Maybe I'll get it finished tomorrow!


  1. These are so cute! You are amazingly talented, maybe I should learn instead of covet.


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