Monday, September 20

True Confessions . . .

It’s Monday, the beginning of the work week.
Have you ever desired to have a job that you loved so much that taking a break for lunch was an irritation because you didn’t want to stop working? Okay, I love food, I can’t imagine it being an irritation, so let’s just say you were anxious to get back to your work after lunch, because you really enjoyed your work.

I love making crafty things and I like drawing and painting. I would love to do crafts as a full time job and get wealthy doing it. I have tried many different things to make it work and I have made money at most of them. But, when adding up the cost of materials and time invested in the crafts, I actually made very little money.

I just want to be wealthy, doing what I love, while being a stay at home mom. Is that too much to ask???

Well, back in May, my oldest daughter suggested I start a blog. I guess Oprah had a guest that made big money with her blog. So here is first of my true confessions: I started this blog for the sole intention of reaching my dream of making money while staying at home. As you can guess, I haven’t made any money on this blog and I keep on doing it because it’s addicting, I suppose.

There are many things I can do to earn a minimal income and subsist. But, I do not want to just subsist, I want to achieve my dreams.

Then a few months ago I heard little snippets (from a friend of mine) about making money using this special debit card and I wanted to be a part of it. Then I watched a couple of videos about it with my husband ( ). He joined immediately. That was 2 ½ months ago.

I am so anxious to join too, now that life is more settled and the kids are back in school. I get more excited about it as I learn more about the company.

The company is pictured on the left side of the blog. It is called “Wake Up Now”.  I’ve finally found an opportunity that has the potential to get me where I want to be financially, and helps me in many other ways too.

Who wants the best for their family, such as good health, wholesome food, learning, and recreation?

Who wants more freedom from government controls and bureaucracy?

Who wants to help others, spread goodness, and down home values?

I do, I do, I do!

Next confession:

I’m going to publically express my desires and use “the law of attraction” and see what happens.

My Desires:

I want seven to 21 people to join up with me and we can achieve our hopes and dreams and share our joys among us all. Have you heard of Napolean Hill’s, Mastermind group? We could have our own mastermind group. We can radiate positive, powerful, goodness to the world (that’d be extremely amazing)!

I’d want this wonderful group to grow in wealth and friendship (kindred spirits as Anne Shirley would say from Anne of Green Gables).

Interested? Use my personal e-mail address to contact me:

We can all be wealth building buddies!!!

This, surrounded by an acre or two for veggie and flower gardens and an orchard would be nice, yes?


  1. I have never seen a program as powerful in helping people get out of debt and earn an income that frees a family from financial bondage of any kind. This is different than any company I have ever seen before! The compensation plan has a patent pending, and the product is one of a kind with nothing else like it in this world. In today's economy there is no security in having a job any more. If you want to succeed you have to have your own business. That can be expensive, and challenging if you don't know how to have your own business. With WakeUpNow, you will be able to have 100% training and support for a cost that is less than half of one half percent of what it would cost to start up a McDonalds or some other similar business. Come let us guide you to prosperity. We are going, and want to have as many people on the train with us as possible! -Adam, or 801-938-4914

  2. I can totally see you in this house, baking up a storm, wearing your homemade apron! I love it and I love you! We wish you the best of luck!

  3. I'd like to be a part of a group like this!

  4. Thanks, it's gonna be great, I think you'll love it!


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