Wednesday, September 15

Another Crochet Project -- Slippers! Mary Jane Style!

Maybe, I'll get back into the swing of blogging more regularly again now that all the back to school routines have set in.
I wish there were more time to do the blog the way I want to, but after listening to a talk by Julie Beck at conference last Sunday, I've decided to put a limit on the hours I will spend at the computer.  This will be good, I will get to know my children again.
So with more balance in my life, this slipper project may take up several blog posts, but hey, at least we will get it started today.

Here are some of my experimental slippers:

These are going to be Christmas presents to all my daughters this year (if I get them started and done!)
I still have some refining to do.  I will sew a big, cute, button on the side -- my finger is poking out of the buttonhole.

Here is a youtube video showing how to start the slipper with a magic ring.  I like using the magic ring to start rounds that you don't want  a hole in.  Since I don't want a hole in the top of my slippers the magic ring is best (instead of chaining a ring). 
I didn't do this video and it doesn't have any sound.  But I like it because she crochets very slowly, so it is easier to follow.  For child size slippers I start with single crochets in the ring and for adult sized slippers I do double crochets in the ring like the last half of the video shows.

Since I'm working on adult size slippers right now, that's the instructions I'll list.
1st row: ten double crochets in the ring, slip stitch in 1st dc.
2nd row: two double crochets in the space inbetween each dc in row one, for a total of 20 double crochets, slip stitch in first dc.
3rd row: alternate 2 dcs (in space inbetween each dc of row 2) and 1 dc in space, slip stitch. for a total of 30 dcs in row 3.

Okay, that is it for today, I will continue these instructions as I get them written down after crocheting another slipper!


  1. what size needle and what type of yarn did you use for the slipper project?

  2. i just happened to stumble upon your slipper pattern lastnight and made a pair in an hour and a half. i love them. theyre adorable and so easy to make. theres even room for adjustments if need be, and so easy to do so. i used a size H hook and regular yarn, and they turned out nice and soft. a G would have been nice also, making them a little more stiff. thanks so much for coming up with this. ill definately be making more!


thanks for your wonderful comments

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