Tuesday, December 10

Sheep Decoration/ Ornament

Merry Christmas! 
This is my favorite time of year.  It's also so busy, cold, and stressful.  So here is a fun and quick (yet adorable) Christmas decoration or Christmas tree ornament to make.

You will need some sheepy like material (an 8" by 8" piece), strong thread and needle, brown felt,  glue ( I use a glue gun ), and some kind of stuffing (either batting or cotton balls), and either 2 beads or felt for the eyes. 

 I like this decoration/ ornament because it symbolizes part of the Christ story of Christmas instead of all the Santa stuff.  It's good to have balance, right?

Here's a helpful howto link to a You Tube video I did showing how to put the sheep together:

My wish to you this Holiday Season is time to enjoy.  Enjoy the magic of Christmas in music, decorations, yummy food, family, friends, and worship.

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  1. Just fabulous, thank you so much as you always give so much on your tutorials. You and your lovely family have a fabulous time over the festive period. Big hugs to you


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