Wednesday, September 11

It's Autumn time, it's autumn time!

We are really feeling fall here.  It has cooled down so much in the last week and we have had a lot of rain, making it sweater weather.  It may return to the 80-90 degree weather we had 2 weeks ago, but for now it is definitely autumn. 

My pumpkins have mostly turned orange and they are so festive.  Two of the pumpkins are larger than any pumpkin I've EVER grown before.  I'm so excited to put them on my front porch!
This is the big one, hiding in the leaves.  If I remember I'll take another pic of it when I have it on my porch so you can tell how big it is compared to the other small pumpkins.

To go with my pumpkin fever, here's a lil' punkin (yes, it is little about 1-2 inches tall) crochet project that works up in about 5 or 10 minutes.  Really, this crocheted pumpkin is so easy. 
Here is a link to an easy step-by-step You Tube video I did showing how to make this adorable 'lil punkin':

Btw, these are really cute on a headband!

 Okay, that ought to do it for pumpkins for one day. 
 Have fun punkining :)  Whatever that is!


  1. Hi there my favourite blogger - autumn is on it's way here too. Just love the pumpkins, the colours are quite stunning. Am going to try your tutorial for this and see what happens.......A great post as always, I love the way you always include something interesting and informative. Thanks so much
    Lots of love as always

  2. I just watched ur tutorial for the beanie hat with scallop edge. Can u please email the written pattetn by any chance? Thx so much. I REALLY liked the tutorial. Started crocheting in june. Learned the basics as a kid (my mum lol) but have been teaching myself to read patterns. UTube has helped tremendously with new stitches. Again thank you
    Susan M


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