Friday, September 6


My favorite time of year is here. 
Harvest time!  Fall time!  Autumn time!
I love the pumpkins growing in my pumpkin patch.  I love the cooler temps at night.  I love the smell of the air.
The leaves are just starting to change to beautiful fall colors in the mountains.  I also love sweaters and sweat shirts.  Yes indeed, a great time of year!

I've been making autumn decorations and having fun dressing the inside of my home to match the harvest time outdoors.

Here is a link to a you tube video I did of the pumpkin centerpiece that I've been making (it has step-by-step instructions):

All you need is scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, and a stapler.  So easy!!!
I also made a bunch of smaller (fan fold type) pumpkins out of less expensive orange copy paper.  They look cute together in a pumpkin grouping.
Here's the link to the video I made for the smaller pumpkins:

Now I think I need to go bake up some pumpkin cookies (with chocolate chips, of course!).
Happy Happy Harvest to you :)


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