Friday, May 11

Mother's Day

Okay, I must fess up . . . I am no scrapbooker/ cardmaker. 
But I thought I would make my mom a Mother's day card and I am actually fairly pleased with it.
It doesn't have any brads, or flowers, or do dahs on it, but it does have some ribbon!

First, I printed a piece of clip art on some white card stock for the front of the card:

Then, I printed a fun picture of my mom jumping in a puddle on the back of the card, and then a picture of her in her gazebo for the inside of the card:

Then I added the paper trim:
(I was trying to achieve the effect of a shade awning of maybe a little cafe in Paris with the striped paper -- um, oh well)

Then, I added the ribbon.  It was a pain to glue, I'm sure there is a better "scrapbooker" way to do this:

Now all I have to do is write in it and stick it in an envelop.  Maybe I'll added some stickers to the envelop.  My Mom loves stickers!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mother's out there!!!


  1. Its lovely.
    I am a new mom, to a 9 month old little girl.
    I too love stickers.
    Hope that someday,in the future, my daughter will make such a dreamy beautiful card for me on Mother's Day.
    You Mom is lucky :-)
    Take care.

  2. Oh Sandy -- Thank you!!!
    Your little girl has a wonderful mom. I tell you, little girls are great.
    Have a terrific summer!


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