Wednesday, January 9

Ribbon Roses

Is it already time to think about Valentines Day?
I haven't taken down my Christmas tree yet!
Well I actually made these ribbon roses and the ribbon rose topiary tree before Thanksgiving so it could double as a Christmas decoration and Valentines decoration.  Smart thinking, yes? 
Ultimately, I'd like to have a grouping of three (in different sizes). We will see if I get the other two done before the end of this month.

My Mom made ribbon roses when I was little. Then she made topiary trees out of all the roses she made.  So with the help of my mom, we were able to figure out how to make these roses after all these years.

I also made boutineers with the roses. I may also try making some out of colorful print fabric to attach to a sweater or top for myself and maybe also attach them to hairbands for my granddaughters.

To make the ribbon rose all you need to purchase is floral ribbon (acetate, I think) in the colors you want.  The tools, you should already have on hand, are scissors and tweezers.

This first link to my youtube video shows how to make the ribbon roses:

This second link shows how to make the topiary tree:

I think the easiest way to secure the ribbon ends is to just tie them in a square knot in the back.  Then pin 'em to the styrofoam ball.

 Get started making flowers soon, cuz' it takes a lot of roses to cover the large size styrofoam ball.


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