Saturday, January 6

The Secret Something I Have Been Working on for 10 years!

I just wanted to rant about what I have been putting time in lately.  Which is also why I haven't been blogging very regularly.

Etsy shops keep me almost more busy than I can handle, but I also have been working on a secret project.  In little snippets of time that I steal away, I have been working on a book.

I usually sneak in some quiet time to work on this book project in the wee hours of the morning.  It has been a wonderful journey over the last 10 years.

This little book is chock-full of inspiring quotes and verses.  Every time I work on it, I feel happy and uplifted.
It is almost finished and will be heading to the publisher.  I am so excited to finally share it!!!

Here is a sneak peek in keeping with the Holiday Season:

". . . and my mind drifted to thinking of how with imagination I can transport myself anywhere I want and escape this burdensome world.
I thought of a room. This room was filled with light, but this room was also filled with beautiful things made of diamonds, glass, and gold.  It had a white, super thick, soft rug on the floor.  The rug felt so soft and good under my bare feet.  Looking up, there were sparkling windows filled with sun shining through them.
     Then I imagined walking into another room full of the magic of Christmas.  This room had a wardrobe closet exactly like the one in “The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe”.  When I went into the wardrobe and through the coats it opened to a cozy snow scene.  I can say cozy because I didn’t notice it being cold.  There was no evil Snow Queen here, instead it was a very happy place with a horse drawn sleigh full of people singing Christmas carols on their way to the party at the home of Farmer Gray in the “Sleigh Bells” song.

Become aware of your thoughts.  In a day, what percentage are good, and what percentage are negative? 

Spend some time thinking of good things."

The decade of work that has gone into this has been an exercise in letting inspiration guide me.  This book paves the way to free yourself.  Whether you are locked in a cage of stress, a cage of depression, or a cage of insecurity, this short book has what you need to pick the lock and open the cage door.

Hmmm, in the hub bub of the holiday season, I noticed that I didn't post this a month ago when I wrote it.  So, better late than never, I suppose, ha ha.  
Hopefully, with this new 2018 year, I will be more focused, lol!

Happy 2018 New Year ! ! !

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