Tuesday, October 4

Almost a year to the day!

This has been a crazy last year. I am glad it has passed and I'm anxious to start blogging again.  Wow, it really has been a year, I can't believe how quickly the days and weeks go by!!!

The most recent wonderful event was the blessing of my granddaughter.
She is adorable, no bias on my part either. 

Baby and her beautiful mom, baby and her proud grandma (me), and baby and her lovely great grandma. 
I made a couple of pairs of booties for her to wear.  Here's a picture of them:

And here are some pictures of my grandbaby wearing them:

Isn't life great!

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  1. hahhahahahahaaa! You are so funny! Oh I'm laughing out loud! You are amazing though for real! I LOVE the little booties! They will be handed down from generation to generation! Love you mama dear!


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