Wednesday, October 26

Halloween Pizza

For dinner my girls decided to make pizza. 
I threw together some dough and got distracted with something else.  The girls moved forward and made individual pizzas for themselves putting on their own pizza their favorite things.  They were anxious for me to make my pizza because they were getting very hungry and wanted to bake them all at the same time.  Since I was taking so long at whatever it was I was doing, they asked if they could make my pizza and get them all in the oven.  I said "sure!"

As the pizzas were baking I came back into the kitchen and moving from the kitchen to the dining room and livingroom I would catch little whispers, "has mom seen her pizza?"  "Did mom look in the oven?"  Then finally the timer went off and the pizzas were done.

The girls said I should take the pizzas out of the oven.  As I pulled them out of the oven we all started laughing.

They have great talent, don't you think!?!

Yes siree, this monster pizza is the one they made for their dear mother!
Perfect for Halloween.  I just gotta love my girls . . .


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  1. LOLOLOL!!! That is the greatest thing I've ever seen! Wow, those girls of yours are talented!! And I'm so glad you're blogging again!! Yay yay yay! You are so amazing Mom! I love you tons!!!


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