Monday, May 20

Plenty of time for Father's Day!

Oh, I felt sad that I didn't get a post on for Mother's Day.  To prevent that from happening for Father's Day I thought I would not procrastinate (like I did for Mother's Day) and I would
"git-er-done" now!

This is a super cute origami shirt and tie card you can make for your men of the day (don't forget, it is June16th).
You just use a regular size (8.5"x 11") piece of white or colored paper for the shirt, and a smaller (3.5"x 3.5") piece of patterned paper for the tie. 
That's all you need!
P.S. This shirt can also be used as a awesome card for a missionary.

Here are a couple of easy step by step videos that show you how to fold it:

Here's how to fold the tie:

You can write a Father's Day note on the inside of the shirt.
(Yes, I know, this has a note to a future missionary and not a note to my dad -- oops!)
No matter what the age, this is a fun project to fold and make and the men in your life will love it!
Now for a review of a wonderful Mother's Day . . .
It started with an absolutely delicious breakfast in bed.  Made by my daughters.

Then we finished off the day with a tea party in my mother's orchard.

Happy Be-lated Mother's Day to all the glorious mother's everywhere!!!

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  1. Hi I am new to blogging and new to craft. You taught me to crochet flowers, thank you so much. I have put you as one of my favourite blogs on my new blog. Hope you don't mind. Look at your blog every day and love your posts.


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