Tuesday, May 28

Girly twirly scarves!!!

Spiral scarves are all the rage where I live.  They are made with a special "pre-fab" yarn that is already machine crocheted.

So, knowing me, I had to make one from scratch -- no "pre-fab" yarn for me!!!

This little project ended up being a several month long project, and now several scarves later, I'm done -- yippee!!!

The "pre-fab" yarn is not really yarn.  It is actually machine woven or machine crocheted with thread.  For me, working with crochet thread is more difficult than yarn.  Sooo, with this in mind the first spiral, twirly scarves I made were with yarn.  I like how they turned out.

These yarn scarves are great for cooler times of the year, but for summer I needed to tackle crochet thread for a lighter, airy look.
The next scarves were made with size 3 crochet thread (so many more stitches, because of using thread instead of yarn!). 

These scarves took a lot longer to crochet than the yarn scarves. 
But so worth it because these scarves are fabulous! Once you get started the thread is easy to work with and you will truly enjoy making these crochet thread scarves. 

This yellow/orange scarf (below) took an especially long time because I threaded small clear beads onto the thread and the crocheted them into the scarf.

This is the post I was hoping to get done a couple of weeks before Mother's Day, for a Mother's Day gift idea  ---  oh well.  At least it is done in time to make some fun summery accent scarves for yourself!

I want to thank my youngest daughter (#5) for modeling the scarves for me.  And I want to thank my oldest daughter (#1) for doing the photography.

Here are the "how to" videos that will show you every step of the way to create the trendy scarves:

The video above is for the crochet thread type scarf.

This video (above) has the instructions for the spiral scarf made out of yarn.

Happy crocheting :)



  1. These are just wonderful and I adore the beads - I shall be tuning into you tutorials. Am going to a crochet day on Saturday and letting Everyone know about your glorious blog. Thank you so much, your daughter is gorgeous just like her Mom
    Lots of love

  2. Oh Dorothy, you are so kind! You just radiate light and happiness :)

  3. Just followed your tutorial on YouTube for crochet flowers. Had to pause, rewind AND unpick several times but in the space of Sweeney Todd I managed to crochet my first flower! I get the principle of it now; going to make more and think I might try a scarf too. Love the blog, thank you for putting up the tutorial, without lovely ladies like you putting up vids I'd never pick up these new skills.

  4. Thanks so much Sorcha, I'm so glad you were able to get the flowers figured out. Now you can put flowers on everything!!
    Have fun trying the scarves, You're awesome!

  5. These twirly scarves are great! I just posted over at YouTube then came over here to see your creations and you blog. Awesome!!


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