Monday, June 24

Pinwheels for the Fourth of July!

I love the 4th of July and as I live in Utah, I also LOVE the 24th of July, so I wanted to have something fun for the grandkids to make for the celebrations.  These pinwheels will be so fun for them to hold while watching the parades.
They hope the pinwheels will attract the attention of people on parade floats that are throwing candy.
I (with the help of my granddaughters) made some pinwheels with red, white, and blue scrapbook paper. 

Then we attached them to some 25 cent rulers from Walmart.  The rulers were longer than the straws that we also used for the pinwheel handle.  I think the rulers added more character to the pinwheels too, but the straws also work just fine.

The best part about these pinwheels (and what the kids love about them) is that they spin really easily and well!!!

Here's the "how to" video:

Here are a couple of my darling helpers:

And here is the template or pattern to print out and cut the right shape for the pinwheel:
Left click on the pinwheel template, then right click on the pinwheel image and select "print picture".  This will make the template the correct size when you print it out.  By the way, the pinwheel template should measure 5"x 5".  Cut along the solid lines and use a hole punch to punch out the circles :)

I'm thinking these would also make fun birthday party decorations.  As I continue thinking, I've also seen pinwheels used for wedding decorations on pinterest (the ones I saw did not spin though -- they were strictly decorative).
I may make some fall colored pinwheels later this summer and stick them in my patio when the wind starts blowing leaves off the trees.  Anyway, there are so many fun types of scrapbook paper that the possibilities are endless.

In case I don't get another post up before the 4th:

Let Freedom Ring!!!
God Bless the USA!
and everywhere else too!


  1. They look great! I remember making pinwheels with children at my daughter's 7th birthday party- she's 17 now! Hope you all have lots of fun :)

  2. Hi Dotty,
    I bet your daughter will still enjoy pinwheels her 18th b-day party, lol!
    Happy 4th to you!

  3. Alyssa,
    I have had nothing but problems making the pinwheel! First the template came out in the size 7.5x7.5 and I couldn't make it smaller. I couldn't punch a hole in the middle because it was to wide to use the hole punch, it moved when I stapled it so the holes didn't line up, and then the straw wouldn't fit! LOL But when I finally got past all that, my sample looks good. It is a beautiful pinwheel.

  4. Oh Debbie I'm so sorry nothing seemed to work. I printed out the template again to check the size, maybe different browsers or computers just print differently, mine still came out 5" x 5".
    I'm not computer savy enough to know what caused the larger size for you. Also, I had to fold the edge of my paper a little for the center hole because my hole punch wouldn't reach either. And I don't know for sure, but you may not need to staple it. I'm going to try not stapling and putting the straw through and then I'll glue the front circle on last. I'll let you know if that works!!!
    I salute your persistence with this pinwheel project :)
    You're awesome!

  5. HI Alyssa,
    I am usually very determined when I want to learn stuff. I learned how to do jewelry, flower arranging for bridal bouquets, memorial flowers, etc. and chain maile all by you tube videos. I just love crafting. Thank you for answering me back. For the first try the pinwheel turned out beautiful, so I send my daughter a picture. That is an awesome pattern. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Debbie,
    Chain maile -- wow, that is cool! I do the same with youtube vid's, it is great!

  7. Love these!!

    Can I ask where you get your paper?

    I'm looking for double sided 12 x 12 in purples, bright greens and silver and not floral (or not too floral) for my daughter's wedding in August 2014 and I having troubles ... any help would be greatly appreciated.

    a tough time finding double sided

  8. I print it and it came out so small. What can I do to get 5"x5" measurement?

  9. Such a cute design Alyssa!! Would you mind if I convert your template onto and SVG file to cut with electronic die cutting machines?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Liz O.

  10. You make this look so easy!! I have a question - I saw these wonderful 20 point pinwheel ornaments at and would really like to make some for my Christmas tree this year. Do you, as a pinwheel maker have any suggestions on how I would even begin? Any help would be great!! Thanks - Karen


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