Monday, January 20

Scandinavian Star Bow

When I first saw this star bow, it was as a Christmas decoration.  I've seen it on gifts, as a tree ornament, and also as a Christmas tree topper. 

With two different colors of paper, I thought the star bow decoration would be super cute as a red and white Valentine decoration.
Here is a link to the You Tube video I made on how to fold the Star Bow:

For those with secret romantic inclinations, you can write love notes on the strips of paper or ribbon before you fold it for your lover to undo and read.  Oh!

The finished Star Bow measures 4 1/2 inches.  This size bow uses 1" by 20" strips of paper.  For a larger star bow you would use longer and wider strips of paper or ribbon (and, of course, for a smaller star bow, you'd use narrower and shorter strips of paper).

I will be using this as a hanging decoration on my three corner cupboard for Valentines Day.  Maybe, I'll use it as a gift topper too, if I actually decide to give anyone a Valentines gift, hmmmm.

This is a lot of fun to fold as long as the paper strips don't rip.  Ribbon is easier to work with, but it doesn't seem to hold its shape as well and it comes apart more easily.

Have a loving time getting into the Valentines spirit!!!


  1. Hello and Happy New Year to my favourite Blogger, how are you? Love this post and as always you have so much to offer and I learn so much with you. Just been telling a fellow blogger all about you and telling her to have a look at your fabulous tutorials. Have a fantastic week, big hugs to you as always

  2. Hi My Friend Dorothy,
    I hope this year has treated you well so far. You are awesome! May this 2014 year bring you so much happiness and great success :)


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