Wednesday, January 22

Weave a Heart Basket

Here is a really fun Valentines project to make.  
The "how to" video I did has step-by-step instructions.  The link is immediately below:

If the kids need something to hold their Valentines in from school, this heart basket is perfect and it is easy to make.

The large size (shown above)makes a great door decoration and you can either leave it empty or fill it with with stuff for your door decor (fillers could include red and white tulle, artificial flowers, more hearts, red cellophane, or whatever!).

On the large heart basket, I used two sheets of poster board (a red one and a white one).  For smaller ones, you can use regular copy paper or scrapbook paper.

The smaller heart basket also makes a pretty Valentine decoration and a great gift with a heart shaped sugar cookie or other Valentine candies inside of it!

This heart basket is a project for adults and kids both. It is quick and easy and only involves paper and scissors (a pencil, ruler, and tape or stapler are handy too).

Happy Valentines Day preparations!!!
~Feel the love start to flow ~


  1. Oh what a lovely idea and so cute to look at. As always you have such fabulous projects to work on, you are so talented which is why I look forward to your posts. Have told all my friends at work all about your website and all the wonderful tutorials. Have a great weekend, sending you hugs and cuddles.
    All my love as always

  2. Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing :-)
    I am so pleased to meet you!
    I am inviting you to visit me

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