Friday, April 11

Easter Egg Time!!!

Happy Happy April Everyone!!!
Isn't springtime the best; not too hot, not too cold, just right . . .

Easter is later this year.  This is good, it's given me time to make something I've wanted to do for a long time.
My mom has this wire tree on a rock that she purchased years and years ago.  When I was a kid, I got to hang cute little miniture Christmas ornaments on it.
Years later after I was grown and gone, my mom started hanging hearts on it for Valentines Day, then eggs for Easter, then little bats and jack o' lanterns on it for Halloween.
Anyway, I have wanted a tree like that for a long time and have never seen one in any stores, so I made one and it was easy!!!

How to make the wire tree
Just click on the photo above or on the link below for a "how to" video I did to show you how to do it:

The possibilities are endless on how big you want to make it, or how wide you want the trunk, or what color wire to make it with.  You can also choose how full of branches you want the tree to have etc.

The eggs are a fun, quick, and easy project too.  Not to mention, perfect for my little tree!

How to make clay Easter eggs
These cute Easter eggs are made from oven bake clay.
Here's a "how to" video I did to show you how to make them, just click on the photo above or on the link below:

How To Make Easter Egg Ornaments

The clay eggs can also super easily be made into earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace.  And you can make them any size you want.  Here's a pic of the ones I made with a ruler, so you can see how big they are.

How to make clay Easter eggs

Enjoy this lovely springtime and Easter season!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness as always your post is full of lovely things to make - you are such an amazing lady which is why I love catching up with all your news. Have a wonderfully happy Easter and thank you for sharing so much with us all. Big hugs and loves


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