Thursday, May 1

More Mother's Day Ideas ! ! !

I did it.  I got the other Mother's Day projects done that I wanted to do -- miracle of miracles!
I'm just going to breeze through them quickly. The 3 projects are quick and easy and things that kids can do or at least help with if you'd like (a fun little mother's day gift for a grandma too!).

All 3 projects can also be used for dozens of other things, like:
Party favors (nut/candy cups)
Wedding/ bridal showers
Baby showers
Birthday parties
Easter baskets
Place settings

You can access the "how to" videos by clicking on the photos or the link in pink. 

 How to make a paper plate basket

The first and quickest project is a paper plate basket. 
Have the kids decorate both sides of a paper plate (especially the bottom of it).  Then you just need scissors and glue (chenille pipe cleaners are optional). Click below for my YouTube video:

Next is a butterfly basket simply made out of 8.5" x 11" cardstock.  Kids will have fun coloring the butterflies!

All you need is cardstock paper, markers or crayons, scissors, tape or glue, and optional chenille pipe cleaners.  Click on the photo or link below for the "how to" video:

Last, but not least, is a beautiful dress shaped card for your Mum!

The card in the middle would be more for a wedding/bridal shower and the one to the right might be more for a birthday party.  The dress on the right would be a perfect dress card for mom!!!

This card is made with cardstock, ribbon, and a little scrap piece of fabric.  Here is the link to the "how to" video (or click on the photo):

Have fun with these projects and to all the mothers out there . . . HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ! ! !

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