Saturday, June 7

Father's Day Cards!

It always seems so hard for me to figure out presents for men: fathers, father-in-laws, grandpas, husbands, son-in-laws, etc.  Because, let's face it, I'm not a man and still don't really understand how they think and what they would really like.

Sooooo, the best option is a card!!!!!  I can't go wrong with a homemade card.  In fact, my dad loved my homemade cards (or at least he acted like he loved them!)  And the men in your life will love a homemade Father's Day card too!!!

This years Father's Day card is made with a regular sized (8.5" x 11") piece of paper.  I used scrapbook paper with a design on one side and white on the back.  First, cut 2 inches off the length so it measures 6.5" x 11".  Then, write your sweet Father's Day sentiments on the white side of the paper. Now it is ready to fold.  Here is a how to video I made to show you much better than I could type out . . .
 how to fold a Father's Day bow tie

You know how I have 5 daughters (no sons), so I conned one of my daughters into putting on a white shirt and the paper bow tie.  She was so sweet to model the tie for me!

I also made a tie out of fabric.  It only takes about 5 minutes to make this simple tie.  
 how to fold a Father's Day card bow tie

It attaches to the shirt with a bobby pin. Simple, huh!

 how to make a father's day bow tie card
Here is a colorful paper bow tie . . .

 fathers day card bow tie

To all the fathers and other wonderful men in our lives . . . 
Happy Father's Day!!!

To see last year's Father's Day card, click here: 

 shirt and tie Fathers Day card

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  1. hi there! i just wanted to compliment you on such awesome work! it's admirable and inspiring. last night, with my 2 yr old and my 4 yr old we watched your tutorial on youtube for the chain stitch. when they went to bed i got to practice and i think i got it!! so, thank you. i wanted to ask you something....

    what stitch is used on this bracelet? is it the chain? im dying to make something similar but can't figure it out. thank you!!


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