Wednesday, May 12

The Beginning

Wow, my new BLOG! 
I'm not too speedy with technology, but as the blog title says, I am the mother of 5 daughters and they keep me up to date with all the computer stuff.
Daughters!  There is nothing greater in the whole world.  And I'm so excited about this blogging thing to write about this fascinating world. 

Awhile ago, I read about making 3 lists, sort of like bucket lists I guess.  You were supposed to write down around 50 things on each list.  The first list is writing down things you love to do.  The second list is putting down all the things you would want to have.  The third list is of all the things you would love to be.  Anyway, I decided it would be fun to do and I started making the lists.  After looking over the lists a few times and adding things here and there, I noticed quite a bit of repetition and similarities.
So, then I grouped the similar things together and condensed the lists.  I now have a Reader's Digest version with my top desires and values (or things that are important to me), that really sum up the person that I am and what is meaningful in my life.

I want to share my 11 values list with you as a way to introduce myself: The mom of five daughters.
1. Spirituality: faith in God and Jesus Christ, inspiration, love, prayer, trust, becoming a better person.

2. Emotional health: peace, joy, free, fulfillment, contentment, security, relaxation.

3. Family: marriage, communication, family gatherings, humor, traditions and celebrations.

4. Financial success: no debt, self sufficient, wealth by doing something you're passionate about, provident living.

5. Physical health: live to the age of 138 (I would also love to weigh 138 lbs!), eat organic/real food, be in great shape with lots of energy.

6. Home: inviting and warm, organized, clean, awesome decor reflecting our family's character, dream home.

7. Food: yummy concoctions, tasty - yet healthy creations, herbal tea parties.

8. Arts and crafts: creativity, painting/artwork, all needlework/quilting/sewing, holiday and home decor crafts.

9. Outdoors: gardening, orchard, all kinds of trees, walks, travel, animals, nature, FLOWERS.

10. Liberty and freedom: a constitution abiding America.

11. Miscellaneous: music, dancing, Regency era (Pride and Prejudice).

If you decide to do lists like these, just keep them in a place that you can add to them and revise them over your lifetime.  It helps to keep focused on what's truly meaningful to you and what matters most!!!

Some Lisa statistics:
Married for 20 years, had 5 most wonderful children (all daughters!).
Lived in  Alaska, Arizona, Utah, and Washington.
Married again to the sweetest man ever, which added two super stepdaughters and two duper stepsons.
My two oldest daughters are married, which added two great son-in-laws.
Last but definitely not least, I have the cutest grandson from my oldest daughter and two adorable granddaughters from my second oldest daughter.
Most of our crazy gang!


  1. I love this idea! I am seriously going to start some lists of my own as soon as I start my new journal next week. It looks great mom! I love you so much! You are such an inspiration to me!

  2. That's an amazing inspirational idea. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul :))


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