Monday, May 24

So healthy!

Cooked wheat cereal, oh so good for you.  I think it keeps people unbelievably healthy.  No more colds or flu or trips to the doctor (hopefully!).

I either buy my cracked wheat at our local organic grocery store, or I grind it myself.  For cracked wheat I use my hand grinder because my electric wheat grinder doesn't have a course enough setting.

When my arm gets tired, I let my daughters take turns at working on their biceps and triceps.

Then I get a saucepan and put in 3 parts water to one part wheat and I sprinkle in a little salt.  I heat it on medium high until it starts simmering, then I turn the heat down to medium low and let it cook for a long time (I go off and do other things for 15-30 minutes).

If it cooks for longer than a half hour, you may need to add more water. Anyway, it is very forgiving and you will discover what your personal preferences are.  Cook longer if you want it mushy and cook for a shorter time if you like it chewy.

 Raisins are optional (my 2 youngest daughters hate them in cooked cereal, me and my hubby love them in it!)
I like it best topped with plenty of brown sugar and milk, YUM!!!
Honestly, you should try eating fresh ground cooked wheat cereal for breakfast 2-3 times a week and notice how little you get sick (keeps you regular too! Oops --- I didn't really put that in here --- I'm sure I will delete it later).
Wheat is one of the most nutritious, healthy things you can eat.  In fact it's so healthy you have to work into eating it gradually or it will upset your stomach, kind of like pre-natal vitamins.  Then if you can use freshly ground wheat it's nutrients haven't expired, so the nutrition level is even greater (and of course I think organic everything is best -- too bad I can't afford all organic!).
Value #5

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