Tuesday, June 15

America's Founding Fathers

It is Father's Day this Sunday, so for the Tuesday 'America the Beautiful' post today, I thought I would honor the Father of our country -- George Washington.

I had the privilege of going to Washington DC last summer (to be with my oldest daughter right after she had her first baby) and while there we went to Mount Vernon.  It is there that I learned how much George Washington loved farming and growing things and experimenting with different crops and plants.  While he would have loved to stay at Mt Vernon, his country needed him more and would not let him retire.  He left and served as our first president against his desires.  I wish we had politicians now that were more like George Washington and I feel a huge need for all americans to learn about these honorable men that are called our "Founding Fathers".

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch these two videos.  You will come away with a renewed respect for Pres. Washington and a renewed love for this amazing country!

George Washington video

Click here for more of George Washington


  1. That was a great video! Someday I will read that book!

  2. Thanks Mariah, you are so supportive and I appreciate it so much. I can't believe how much I love comments and followers etc.
    Love you honey,


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