Thursday, June 24

Mom's tea party home

I think my desire to experience the late 1700's and 1800's began with Christmas programs on tv when I was a pre-teen.  I loved the fancy, flowing cloths and the kind, polite charm and magic of it all.  As years went by my thoughts and dreams of a gentler, more cultured era never dimmed. 
Having five daughters, it was easy to have little tea parties with them.  Then about 10 or so years ago, my mom and dad moved from the big city to the small town area where they grew up.  I couldn't believe it, the turn of the century house they moved into had so much of what I had dreamed of -- it is magical and a step back in time -- I love it!
I want to share this love with you from my 4 day stay last weekend . . .

Our tour starts with the front of the house.

As you go through the arbor, up the front walk, you arrive at the front porch.

Then you walk around the side of the house,

to get to the back of the house.

Keep going, and you come to the gazebo.

This is where you will find my mom! (isn't she pretty, the prettiest flower in her garden!)

You will also find my sister, my brother, and myself having a little tea party (or to be more correct -- brunch).

Now that we've had a bite to eat, we will continue with our tour.  Here are the neighbors.  They live next to my mom's orchard.  They love the apples that fall off the trees!

Poppies, clematis, columbine, and bleeding hearts are just a few of the pretty flowers everywhere.

There are more roses than any other flower (don't ask me what varieties they are, I have no idea).

Some inhabitants: the bell to tell us when to "git" home, lazy boys, Mr. Turtle, and the evasive roadrunner.

Snapdragons, miniature roses, daisies, and iris.

We will end our tour by the backdoor, where these lovelies live. 
Going to my mom's home is like a breath of fresh air, a long tall glass of lemonade, and a tranquility that feeds my soul.
Thank you for visiting with me!


  1. Your mom is beautiful and so is her yard! Oh how I wish I had a yard!

  2. Hey Jaymi! How are you? It was so fun to see your comment! I know, I would love a yard too!!!

  3. Hi Alyssa! I love your blog! And, your Mom's place is beautiful and nostalgic! Love your pictures! They tell it just like it is!

  4. Cool post sis! And Mom loves it too - she's showing it to all her friends :)

  5. I've always loved driving by that house! It really is a beautiful home. Your Mom is so talented when it comes to gardening as well. Someday (when I have a yard to call my own) I hope to have a flower garden like this one!


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