Tuesday, June 22

The message of a soldier spirit . . .

While staying at my mom's for Father's Day weekend,  my mom gave me a book (Sunday night).  It's called "The Message", by Lance Richardson.
It is a story of his life after death experience. While in Paradise he is told that he will be going back to his body to send a message to all that will hear it, which is why he wrote this book and where the title of the book comes from. 


Part of the message is this (and I will quote directly from the book where a spirit is talking to Lance and tells him the following excerpt),

"For one other purpose shall these things be written and shared.  That this message may prick the hearts of many, help awaken them to the awful condition to which your country has declined, remind them of the multitude of prophecies which have been given concerning your day, and open their eyes to the fact that these same prophecies are being fulfilled before their very eyes."

In the next excerpt Lance is talking,

"I was warned that our nation stands on the brink of self-destruction.  We are in grave danger of causing our own destruction due to a number of issues.  Several of these were then enumerated to me:

1) We have turned away from the morals and values which once made us strong
2) We have adopted a belief that all truth is relative and changes with time.  I was taught (in Paradise) that truth is most definitely eternal and unchanging.
3) It was impressed upon my mind in such a way as I shall never forget that God is the Father of us all and loves each of us with greater love than we can comprehend.  We must turn back to Him, not allowing Him to become a stranger in our nation.
4) We must come to an understanding that family is the center of their perfect society, and that we must not only retain it as the central unit of our society and safeguard it, but vastly strengthen it.  For within those walls lie the answers to most of the problems facing our nation today."

In the last excerpt I want to share, it is a soldier who gave his life for our country who is speaking,

"'That word, Liberty, is a most important gift from God,' the soldier explained.  'God has given each of us the agency to choose what we want in life.  He will not force His will upon us.  He allows us the freedom to choose, whether good or bad.  Liberty and 'free will' or 'free agency,' as you call it, are one and the same.  Indeed, it is one of the greatest gifts we will ever receive from God."'

It goes on, but you will just have to read it because it is all soooo good.  I started reading it yesterday morning and finished it a few hours later (by lunch time).  You can't put it done once you start reading.  Good thing it is only 154 pages and not 1,540 pages. 

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