Wednesday, June 16

An Easy Father's Day Gift (kids can help!)

A fun gift for anyone, any time, anywhere!
(but especially for my hubby for Father's Day)

My man loves movies, that is his hobby, his sport, his recreation, his love, his passion. So for Father's Day I made him a movie/goody bag. 
There are a bazillion ways this can be done.  Here are just a few ideas:

First come the supplies.  Bamboo skewers (popsicle sticks work too), a popcorn bag, box, or bucket (I got a package of popcorn bags at the $ Store), microwave popcorn (also from th $ Store), candy, tape, something heavy for the base (I used a rock), and a floral foam block (I just used some styrofoam I found in a box in my garage).

Put heavy thing in bag . . .

Put foam over heavy thing. . .

Tape skewers to candy . . .

Stick skewers in foam . . .

Top off the bag with a couple of tickets to the movies (Redbox and Netflix count!!!).

Simple.  Easy.  Fun!

I love it (I hope you do too)!

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