Tuesday, July 13

Crocheting again!?!

Okay, I thought I was done with crocheting for awhile . . . alas, I was wrong!
The last crocheting post  Crocheted hairbands  makes a thinner or narrower hairband/ headband.
The video I did today shows how to crochet a wider band.  My 2nd daughter (the one that has 2 daughters of her own) likes the wider look better.  So here goes -- hope the video works:

Here are some random hairband photos with my grand little munchkins!

The definition of cuteness!

To see how to do the flowers, click here:  Crocheted flower
For written instructions and photos click here: HEADBAND Instructions
These are such great baby shower gifts and birthday gifts --
Have fun!!!


  1. you are so crafty! i need to try to do some of this stuff! and those are some seriously cute little girls!

  2. Oh my heck!! Cutest things I've ever seen! The bands and the girls!! Oh I can't WAIT to see you next week!!!

  3. How much do you charge for making them? I'd love some but wasn't sure of the cost.

  4. LOVE those girls, and the headbands too!!! They're really cute!

  5. Hi Moore Family,
    Thanks for your question. I actually hadn't thought about selling the hairbands, I've only posted instructions on how to make them.
    Maybe I will if I can figure out how, hmmmm. . .

  6. I love the video! Headbands are adorable! Do you know approx how many rows/long you would make for an infant/toddler/large child? Or do you just eyeball on a person?

  7. Hi Thank you for the video.. very nice!!

  8. Hi What a lovely site! I am having a heck of a time learning how to make a flower. I am wondering if you show the flower that is on the head band video... in a video?
    Thank you for being such a good teacher. I bet your girls are as creative as you!

  9. Such kind comments -- thank you!!!
    Here is the address for the "how to crochet a flower" blog entry:
    If the web address doesn't work you will find it in the blog archives under June 2010.
    If you can't find it let me know!

  10. Love this!!! I just say down and made a headband and the flower. So easy and BEAUTIFUL! Thanks :)

  11. ur video is awesome..it makes me sacrifice my sleeping time..just to make one..

  12. i love the headbands!! so cute! what kind of string and hook do you use??

  13. Where do I find the written instructions for these headbands? They are so cute and those girls are adorable.

  14. The written instructions are at:

    Have fun crocheting and yup, the granddaughters are adorable :)

  15. Very cute! How tight do you stretch for measuring? And do you need to stretch hats for proper measurements as well?

  16. Hello I'm currently pregnant with my first baby girl after having 2 boys so I'm super excited to make things for her arrival, I'm going to be using your headband video to make her a headband but since she will not be here until August I can use her head to measure I want to make one for her when she is first born at the hospital. So my question would be how many rows would you do to make one to fit a newborn! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated im so excited to use your video to make this for her!


thanks for your wonderful comments

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