Monday, July 19

There are some who say the Constitution is obsolete for our 21st century and needs an overhaul.  This is not true.  The Founders saw the Constitution as a charter that would last through time.  They carefully worded it so that the principles of freedom could withstand the test of time.  The only way this wonderful, inspired document and organized government could fail is if we the people don't elect good men to represent us.  These bad or ignorant men make and pass unconstitutional laws and do many, many unconstitutional things.

This quote is so absolutely necessary for every American to read and understand.  It is by patriot Samuel Langdon in 1788:

"On the people, therefore, of these United States, it depends whether wise men, or fools, good or bad men, shall govern . . . .  Therefore, I will now lift up my voice and cry aloud to the people . . . .
From year to year be careful in the choice of your representatives and the higher powers of government.  Fix your eyes upon men of good understanding and known honesty; men of knowledge, improved by experience; men who fear God and hate covetousness; who love truth and righteousness . . . . Let not men openly irreligious and immoral become your legislators . . . . If the legislative body are corrupt, you will soon have bad men for counselors, corrupt judges, unqualified justices, and officers in every department who will dishonor their stations."
Many of the Founders were desirous to have good schools so the American people would be literate and educated so that they would be able to properly govern themselves and make wise choices  for their governmental representatives.  Today our public schools are falling short and it falls on the shoulders of parents to learn the Constitution (because many of us, along with our children, never learned it either).  Learn about the Founding Fathers and their intent for the Constitution, and then teach it to your children. 

Personally, I read the Constitution a few months ago and I didn't understand it.  I didn't understand the implications of all the articles and sections etc.
To help I found a book called "The Making of America--The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution" by W. Cleon Skousen.  It is very readable.  It doesn't talk over my head with a bunch of legal terms and mumbo jumbo.
I have also ordered a book from Amazon that hasn't arrived yet, so I hope it will be another good one.  I've met the author Scott Bradley, who is an authority on the Constitution.  I just don't know if his writing is as easy to understand as his speaking.  I will let you know the verdict.



  1. I was just thinking, earlier today, about my own relationship with The Constitution of the United States.
    We have had a "two ships that pass in the night" kind of affair going on since I left high school at the age of 16. Yes, I dropped out.

    To obtain my GED, in the state of Illinois, I had to also pass a test on the Constitution of the United States. I failed because it was actually a liberal political science test. I took a college course in political science and took the GED test again. I failed - again. They had heard my complaint and revised the test. Having just been doused in liberal politics I was unprepared to be tested on the Constitution. I threw my hands in the air in disgust, walked out and did not look back. I did not take the test again for over 35 years - in California - where they do not include a test of the Constitution. Surprise.

    I think I might want to begin a new relationship, a deeper understanding and a firmer commitment - this time for reasons of personal satisfaction and preparation.

    W. Cleon Skousen is a good place to start.

  2. Sharon, I appreciate your comments very much. I just wanted to mention another great book. It's perfect for reading before starting Skousen. It is called "7 Miracles that Saved America"
    I learned a lot from this book and it was fun to read (it has great stories).
    Your desire to study the Constitution is heart warming, hats off to you!


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