Wednesday, July 21

Polymer Clay Bracelet

This project was so much fun!

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and I will probably do more.

I bought my polymer clay (FIMO) for less than $4.00 and the clear stretch cord for a couple of bucks at Walmart.  To start with I covered my work area (kitchen table) with wax paper because all the areas that the clay comes in contact with must be washed and cleaned thoroughly according to the instructions, so tossing waxed paper in the garbage when done works better for me than scrubbing the table.  I taped the corners of the wax paper down to keep it in place.

I cut a slice of green, yellow, and pink.

Then I piled them on top of each other and rolled them into a log.  Then I cut them into 1/4" to 1/2" lengths.

Roll the little sections into a ball.

Stick a needle through the clay bead.  The needle needs to be wider than the cord, so it will go through easily.  I twirl the eye of the needle around inside the bead to make the hole even.

I also made some solid color beads to go inbetween the tri-color beads.  I made 28 beads for my bracelet.

To bake the beads, I folded up the sides of some aluminum foil (so I could throw it away when I was done, and not have to worry about toxicity on a baking dish) and put the beads on that.  Bake for 25 minutes (absolutely no more than 30 minutes) at 225 degrees (for sure not more than 230 degrees).

Okay, before you string the beads on the clear stretchy cord, you might want to lay them out on the table in the pattern that you want them in.  It will save lots of time from having to take beads off over and over to fix the design.  When you're done stringing, just tie off the ends with a secure knot.  To hide the cord ends, I threaded the ends back into the nearest beads.

Fun, fun, fun to wear a bracelet made completely and totally by you!!!!!


  1. Freakin amazing! As usual :)

  2. What a fun project - and cute, too!!! Where do you get your clay? I think Morgan and Lindy would LOVE making one of these bracelets!!!


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