Thursday, July 15

Money, money, money

This post was inspired by my wonderful niece.  Here is what she messaged me on facebook:

"hey so my mom and i were chatting, we both loooove reading your blog, and we know you have always been frugal and stuff, and since im just starting out with this whole family thing and what not, i think you should add some budgeting/frugality tips to your blog:) just sayin! haha. love you aunt lyssa!"

She is right, I am a frugal person.  I used to be extremely frugal, but I think I've loosened up some.  Sometimes being extreme is not so good.

Anyway, I taught some money management classes awhile ago and what stuck with me the most are 2 things.
  • Number 1:  get yourself a little notebook to carry in your purse or pocket and jot down EVERYTHING you spend money on for at least two weeks.  It is best if you do it for a month (for budgeting purposes), but if you do it for a couple of weeks you at least know where your money disappears to.  This was very eye opening for me.  I couldn't believe how much money slips through in little ways.
  • Number 2:  Ask yourself how much you make or earn per hour (or your husband if you are a SAHM) and per day.  Let's say you make $20/hr and you decide to treat your family of 4 to dinner and a movie.  The dinner and movie last 3 hours and cost you  $140  (4 x $8.50 for movie, $26 for movie treats--popcorn/ drinks/candy for 4, 4 x $15 for food, $10 tip, and $10 gas).  Was it worth working a full day?  A day of your life of work at a job -- for 3 hours of R&R?  If it is once in a while the answer may be yes.  If it is every week, may be the answer is no.    This helped me with some of my own money making decisions.

Here is a link my oldest daughter gave me that would be a great money experiment for us all.
Here's the link for week one, week one to conquer money.
Here's the link for week two, week two of conquering your money.

I will post some specific frugality tips and ideas of how to save money next week.  Until then, get a small notepad and have fun tracking all of your spending!!!!


  1. I like that idea! I definitely need to work on my budgeting skills. :-S I'll be watching for more. :)
    P.S. I love love love your banner! :0)

  2. YAY!:) Haha. I have heard that before, so I am going to actually try it this time!


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