Thursday, July 29

Rose polymer clay bracelet

Okay, I'm back.  My 24th Pioneer vacation lasted longer than I thought it would, but the R & R was great!

Here's the fam watching the parade.  And here's a true "Drill" team!  They did the cutest little routine with their cute big boy drill toys!
On to crafts ----

I made another FIMO (or Sculpey) clay bracelet, and I love wearing them both together and I get lots of compliments on them.  So here's how to make the second bracelet . . . . If you didn't see how to make the first bracelet you might want to click here to see a supply list and more detailed instructions:

Included with the FIMO clay I bought at Walmart were instructions on how to make roses and how to combine clay to make different colors.

What it didn't say, was to make a light pink you use alot more white clay than dark pink.  It's about a 3:1 ratio, 3 parts white to 1 part pink. It also takes more than a minute to knead the 2 colors together.

Shape the clay into a small log, then flatten it. Then, roll the long flattened piece into a rose (I had the middle of the rose stick up a little higher than the last part of the flattened piece and I pinched the bottom part of the rose a bit tighter so the top rose petal part would open up).

Pierce the rose bead with a needle (a wider needle than the cord you will be stringing the beads on), and then flatten out the top of the rose if needed.  I tried using a needle, a toothpick, and my fingers--they all left marks in the clay.  The side of my thumb worked sort of, so good luck with this part!

I also made white round beads and different shades of round pink beads.  

I put the beads on a piece of foil with the sides bent up and bake at 230 degrees for 25-30 minutes (do not overbake or the clay releases toxic fumes).

Then arrange the beads the way you would like them to be on your bracelet and string them on your cord (it takes about 30 beads, more or less depending on the size of the beads).


Tie off the ends with a square knot and weave the ends back into the beads.


Make all different color combo's and color schemes to match any outfit.  They are so much fun to make with kids too.  And they are popular to wear for both kids and adults.


  1. neat! I've not seen such a material.

  2. How fun! They turned out so pretty!

  3. These are so pretty! I used Fimo as a kid but its been years. You've reminded me to find it for my kids to try!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier too :)

  4. I love the pix and the bracelet!! You are so incredible!!


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