Wednesday, August 4

An 1800's apron

Here's what I made today.  I will possibly fine tune this tomorrow, but here are some pic's of the project.  It's late, so it's just the pictures and no instructions ;-)


  1. Only you could whip this up in a day you amazing woman you... :) love ya!

  2. That's great! I don't know why sewing intimidates me so much. I've tried, and for some reason just can't do it.

  3. Do you se ll these? If so, how much do they cost and how fast could you do 15?

  4. Hi, I only made two of these aprons 4 years ago. One for me and one for my daughter. But thanks so much for your interest in them. It's made me think about possibly making them and selling them in the future. Sorry, that is no help for you right now! Have a great day :)


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