Monday, August 9

Philosophical points of government

I was listening to a guy named David Barton (Wallbuilders Founder) the other day.
He talked about the five philosophical points of government brought out in the Declaration of Independence.

The 5 Points of Government are:
  • There is a Creator
  • He (God) gives unalienable rights
  • He (God) has a moral law which governs men
  • Government exists to protect the rights He (God) gives
  • Below God given rights, you rule by consent of the governed

I've been studying up on the beliefs of the Founding Fathers and have found that in later history books the Founders have been labeled as "Deists". After reading several quotes directly from the Founding Fathers, I have found this to be untrue. Most of the Founding Fathers were Christians.

Here is a quote from Congress, U.S. House Judiciary Committee, 1854:

"Had the people, during the Revolution, had a suspicion of any attempt to war against Christianity, that Revolution would have been strangled in its cradle . . . In this age, there can be no substitute for Christianity . . . That was the religion of the founders of the republic and they expected it to remain the religion of their descendants."
And another quote from John Adams,
"It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand." --John Adams 1776

I'm worried for our country. I'm concerned when I hear about banning prayer, taking God out of schools, off of our currency, out of the Pledge of Allegiance, etc.

"Despotism may govern without faith, but liberty cannot. Religion is much more necessary in the republic which they set forth in glowing colors than in the monarchy which they attack; . . . How is it possible that society should escape destruction if the moral tie be not strengthened in proportion as the political tie is relaxed? and what can be done with a people which is its own master, if it be not submissive to the Divinity?" -- Alexis de Tocqueville

To read some of the Founders quotes concerning religion and Christianity click HERE

To watch the video of David Barton on a Glenn Beck video clip, click HERE  (after you have viewed the video, if you want to come back to Mom of 5 Daughters, click the back arrow button several times)

Let's get off the fast track to destruction and make some needful changes. I'll go into some of those changes tomorrow . . .


  1. Well spoken! Also, you gotta show me how to make a wake up now link om my blog. :)

  2. Thanks for capturing this enlightening list from Mr. Barton. It confirms my belief in the foundation of this country and God's hand in that work. I am praying that Americans will return to God, trust in Him and obey so the country can be blessed again. I am looking forward to your next article.


thanks for your wonderful comments

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