Thursday, August 12

Finished Apron

I did it! I finished the apron!  I'm so glad this project is done (well, almost, I still have to hem the dress).  I've been thinking about doing the tea party dress and apron for years and now it's about done -- yippee!!!

I ironed the edges of the pockets in about a 1/2"(excluding the top of the pocket), then I pinned them on the apron.

Then the pockets got sewn in place.

The apron is now done!

I tried to take pictures with the camera timer and none of them turned out.  They were either totally washed out or very blurry.  I need some daughters home to help model for me!

Here is the finished (un-hemmed) tea party dress with the puff sleeves finally sewed on!


  1. That apron is darling! I wish I could sew something...other than my fingers into random things.

  2. I'm totally in love with the apron! You're so talented:)

  3. I love it, love it, love it!!! It looks so cute on you!!!

  4. The dress and apron are absolutely incredible! Makes me wish I could sew more than the basic straight stitch! Thank you so much for visiting me at Rook No. 17 and for your kind compliments about my tea party! I'm so pleased to meet you and am honored to be your newest follower. Best, Jenn

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