Friday, August 13

Hot August Cooler

It's hard for me to get very motivated to cook when it's so hot.  In the heat my mind and body want something fruity, refreshing, and cool.
Well, I made my 2nd ever batch of yogurt on Tuesday and decided today to make a smoothie with it.
I also had another motivation to make smoothies.  I had too soft to eat apricots on my counter, a few scraggly strawberries in the frig and a couple of un-crisp (not mushy, just not crisp and juicy) apples.
Smoothies are perfect for fruit that has not gone bad yet, but no one wants to eat it because it isn't exactly good and fresh either.

One more thing I did that I've never done before is I froze over ripe bananas. I got a whole bag of them for free from the store (they were just giving them away, instead of throwing them away) and the lady said you could freeze them. So, I took them home, peeled them, cut off any bad parts, put them in a big ziplock bag, and stuck them in the freezer. I hadn't used any of them yet, so I put a couple of them in my smoothie too.

Whatever old fruit you have (still good but no one will eat it fruit), just wash it and cut off any bad parts and toss it in your blender.

I used bananas, apricots, strawberries, and apple.  Use whatever you have sitting around: oranges, any berries, pineapple, mango, peaches, pears, plums, etc.  Oh, btw, the apple peels didn't puree completely so if you use apples and you want your smoothie completely smooth you might want to peel the apples.

Then I added a 1/2 c. milk and 1 c. of my yogurt.

If you want the smoothie super cold add ice.  It is creamier without the ice though.

Blend it to your own smoothness preferences and then enjoy your summertime cooler!

And if you want your summertime cooler even colder, the smoothie mix makes superb creamsicles. . .

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